What Would a Trillion Bucks Buy?

Trillion seems to have come to be the new billion, just like billion has develop into the new million. In phrases of bucks, a trillion of them stacked just one on top rated of the other would in fact rise up and out as a result of the other side of the Universe. I have under no circumstances attempted it, but I believe this to be correct.

Significantly even though, my pals, haven’t you ever questioned what a trillion bucks would get if the suitable people, say you and me, experienced handle about how to invest it? Could you heal most varieties of most cancers with it? How about getting a reputable and practical sort of substitute electricity so that gasoline would be relegated to distant memory and the Middle East would merely shrivel up and blow absent? What if the atmosphere started out turning about as the air and h2o gradually started returning to times of aged?

What if there have been a way to have most of the revenue be returned to the masses for a alter? In essence, what I am calling for is a way for untold riches to be divided amongst the typical folks. I am not speaking about a Robin Hood state of affairs below. You can find no robbing associated. Just a fundamental modify in the way the environment does business enterprise. It can be all about benefitting humankind as opposed to just the fewest of the couple who would nonetheless usually have ample to do their thing to superior excessive.

Yeah, I would like The Collective People today of the Planet could by some means expertise a world shift of consciousness for the betterment of most people.
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I read the acclaimed Populist, Jim Hightower state it basically plenty of: “Most people doing excellent is everyone undertaking great.” Just that simple and just that complex. But, it can be a fantastic put to start.