Young children may they be in their homes or schools should be well taken care of. It should be acknowledged that they have delicate bodies unlike adults. They cannot be allowed to use hazardous furniture or undergo risky activities. Parents should carefully choose furniture for their children. Children beds for example should not be high that would put small children at risk in the unfortunate situation that they fall from it.

They should not be given heavy chairs or stools that may hurt them if the same falls on them. Any injuries from these household furniture may have long lasting effects on them such as dislocated bones or scars.

Likewise, schools like day care center should be very cautious in choosing their classroom furniture. Chairs should not be heavy and have rough edges which may cut the tender skin of the young children. School administrators and teachers should also prefer school supplies that are non-hazardous and do not pose a danger to the children’s health. As such, chalks that are usually used to write on blackboards should be replaced with non-toxic marking pens.

Day care administrators should not only make their classrooms safe. An area where most injuries may happen are where most physical activities happen – the school playgroundThey should ensure that the playground area is also safe and not injury prone. One of the effective ways to avoid injuries to the children is to use Soft play ball pool Play Products like activity centers, climbers, discovery pathways, activity mats, riding toys and soft gyms.