As a Christian living in what is increasingly becoming an non-Christian Ireland I am often challenged about my faith.

For those who do not believe Christianity is of course a religion of paradoxes and contradictions. If we are to truly follow Him we must become the last, not the first. Imagine trying to explain to someone that we follow a King who was nailed to a cross, among two thieves and when it appeared that He needed the support of his followers, where were they – hiding! IFCJ reviews Not what you might call a big success.

From today’s point of view, from a worldly point of view, Jesus mission must rank as a complete failure. He certainly didn’t go out of his way to win friends and influence the people that mattered; in fact he seemed to have went out of his way to bug them!

When the powers that be decided they had enough of Him he wouldn’t even defend himself on what were clearly triumph up charges. The man with all the answers didn’t say a word in His own defence. He wouldn’t even let his right hand man fight for Him. Some King!

But for those of us who do believe none of that really matters. We know that He loves us; by dying on the cross for us He proved it.

For those of us who are Christians, for those you are thinking about Christianity then consider this that by Christ’s death and resurrection: death itself was defeated and that no matter what we’ve done, whatever wrong we have done Jesus will forgive us, just as he forgive those who killed Him.