Wednesday, 17 July, 2019

Making Gold In Runescape

There are many people online selling Runescape Gold Guides and the ridiculous thing about paying for one of these guides is there are many ways to make money in the game without buying a guide.
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Other people are actually selling Runescape Gold for real money through ecommerce sites and delivering to customers within the game. How silly is it to pay real money for fake money?

The key to making gold is developing the skills your character has for making different items that players need or want to develop their characters. Mining, for example, the are tons of players who want to develop there smithing skills to be able to make armor and other items out of iron, steel, mithril, addy & rune but do not want to spend the time mining the ore or smelting them into bars. If you spend some time building up your mining skills you can sell the ore very easily or you can make it into bars and sell it for even more money.

Using the same example you can make money with bars and never have to mine at all. There are tons of players selling the various ores that can be found in the game. If you have a little money you can buy the ore, make it into bars and sell it for almost double the profit. This can be repeated over and over again because there are millions of Runescape players and never a shortage of players looking for bars or all kinds to buy. You can also do this with the fishing or woodcutting skills. There are always players looking for food and they don’t want to spend the time fishing for it and then having to cook it so they find someone selling the food they want. Wood serves several purposes in the game and the higher the level you are at woodcutting the more valuable the wood you can cut becomes.

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